Cohousing community lot size/# units

Stephanie Weigel, sjweigel at has compiled a table of cohousing
community lot size / # units in Dec 2001.  See it at: Cohousing community lot size/# units

(Note: the table has erratic vertical spacing (and other 'features' ) due
to problems converting from Microsoft Excel to HTML - advice welcome.
Note that background color can help tell what text goes with what entry.)

Some of the data was compiled from responses to her messages to Cohousing-L: Site size, and number of units and
Results of query about lot size/# units available

Lots of messages (including older ones) on this topic can be found using
the following search string:

+subject:"site size, and number of units"

in the search form at: Current cohousing-L messages

Note that the Communities database at Coho/US has # units
and site size information for all communities tho fewer related details.

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