FAQ for Cohousing-L

This file contains Cohousing-L specific questions.  Most questions
related to Cohousing-L mailing list policies are answered in
the FAQ for Justcomm mailing lists. Cohousing-L is managed
along with other mailing lists by Communications for Justice - Justcomm

Note: This document started 4/20/05 and is still under construction;
proposed questions and comments welcome. Many answers are incomplete or
absent so far.  If you are anxious for an answer...
Email Fred: fholson at cohousing.org

What are Cohousing-L posting guidelines?  .
o Posts should be about Cohousing ("on topic")
o Observe generally accepted Netiquette. See for example Nettiquette at Wikipedia
o Avoid Trivial posts.  See this 1995 post COHOUSING-L POSTING GUIDELINES
o Inline_replying with minimal quoting is encouraged; Top-posting (aka bottom-quoting)
  is discouraged tho it is the default for Microsoft and other mailers :(
  See also "excessive quoting" questions in "Posting policies" (next point).
o Posts should follow "Posting policies" at FAQ for Justcomm mailing lists
o Posters are stongly encouraged to include their location and community name in messages.
o The subject line should be informative and if relevant indicate location
  Example: Subject: Minneapolis - house for sale, Monterey Coho
o Send your message to cohousing-L@cohousing.org

Is advertising acceptable on Cohousing-L?  .
Brief messages about houses and other things or services for sale -- not really
"advertising" -- are welcome on cohousing-L; subject to some limits and guidelines:

o Items need to be directly related to cohousing.
o One time  -- no more than one advert message per month (an ongoing monthly message is not
o There is no charge.
o Since subscribers are familiar with cohousing you do not need to explain cohousing
o Conform to usual message guidelines - moderate length (a few  screenfuls max),
  no attachments -- no pictures -- but ...
o Include a URL (including the "http://" part ) of webpage with detail, pictures etc.
o Include contact information - email and phone.
o Include asking price (for unit in cohousing include association dues)

Questions to Fred, list manager: fholson at cohousing.org

Note that a very BRIEF mention of anything in one's "signature" -
3-4 lines at the end of an on-topic message is also acceptable.

http://cohousing.org accepts paid advertising separately.

How do I resolve a problem I'm having with the mailing list?  .
First see FAQ for Justcomm mailing lists which has these sections:
o Posting problems
o Subscription related questions
o Miscellaneous mailing list and Introductory questions

What alternatives are there to getting all cohousing-L messages by email?
See Too much Cohousing-L email? Try C-L-Summary

What's the history of cohousing-L?  .
 See History of Cohousing-L Bad link finally really fixed 11/2/06!

How is Cohousing-L related to The Cohousing Association of the United States (Coho/US) ?  .
  Cohousing-L is an independent effort but we cooperate closely including
  sharing the Internet domain cohousing.org - see next question for details.

Who owns the domain cohousing.org?  .
  In 1996 Fred Olson registered the domain cohousing.org
  (in the name of the Twin Cities Cohousing Network) to give Cohousing-L
  a permanent email address and continues to own the domain.  The web pages at
  www.cohousing.org were originally done by Stuart Staniford-Chen.  They are now
  maintained by The Cohousing Association of the United States (Coho/US)

  Fred is the "Admin contact" for the cohousing.org domain and maintains email addresses
  there including a number related to Coho/US.  Now Fred maintains web pages at several
  subdomains including fholson.cohousing.org : Fred's Link page

Can I get a cohousing.org email forwarding alias ('permanent' ISP independent address)?  .
  See E-mail Forwarding Aliases

Fred's Link page