Map of who's coming to the 2015 Cohousing Conference NC

Attendees will be coming from many areas with concentrations
in expected areas - where there are numerous cohousing communities and
closer to the conference site.  They can not all be seen with clarity
at one time so zooming and panning (changing what area is shown) is
needed . Even at the maximum zoom level there are pins on top of pins
for attendees at the same address and only the highest alphabetically
(?) visible.

On a Windows computer with a wheel on mouse, rotate to zoom in/out.
Without a wheel control-equal and control-minus (+ key) zoom in/out.
Once you are zoomed in, click and drag to view a different area.

Click on pins to see details about attendee.

Note that contact info for attendees is not included, if you want to
contact an attendee (to propose car pooling for example)
email your message for them to me with their "details" from the map
and I will forward your message.  Send to fholson at


Coho-conf map

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