Cohousing Community Location Planned or Built? Contact Site area Number of units Building types/units Zoning/planning Notes    
Central Austin Cohousing Austin TX Planned Robert P. Arjet 1-1.5 acres 25-30 attached units (townhouses and flats)   Want high density to increase affordability on urban site
Southside Park Cohousing Sacramento CA Built Liz Stevenson 1.25 acres 25 units  
Cascadia Commons Portland OR Built George Steon 2.87 acres (half is restricted wetlands) 26 homes 10 buildings+CH    
Wasatch Commons Salt Lake City UT Built Kay Argyle 4.5 acres 26 units 2-2flats; 5-2 story townhouse duplexes; 1- townhouse triplex; 1-townhouse fourplex; 1- detached house;1-fourplex w/3 single storey and 1townhouse = 10 total res. Blgs + CH and workshop      
Westwood Cohousing Asheville NC Built Jean Reese 4 acres 25 units 7 buildings + CH    
Solterra Durham NC partly built Don Weil 7 acres for homesites;13 acres common property 40 homesites individual homes + CH   Common property includes community garden, children's play ground, paths, parking, roads, CH  
Heartwood Cohousing Durango CO built, with 10 more future homesites Mac Thomson 361 acres, homes clustered on a few acres 24 homes, 10 future homesites   part of land is a forest preserve 60 acres of irrigated pasture land, rest a forest preserve
Cornerstone Cohousing North Cambridge MA planned Mabel Liang 1.25 acres 32 units 4 buildings--1building with 10 apts and 5 attached townhouses; 2 bldgs with 2 townhouses each; 1 bldg with 13 apartments and CH Initial zoning would have allowed over 40 units, got a density bonus as part of building affordable housing, didnít incorporate increased density into already designed project Subsurface transit easement runs underneath linear park (bike path) so were restricted from buildign any permanent structures over that portion; struggle to keep that configuratio and provide green space;  
Pleasant Hill Cohousing Pleasant Hill CA under construction Sheryl Faria 2.2 acres 32 units 7 buildings -- 8 flats and 24 townhouses + CH    
Eno Commons Durham NC built Robert Heinich 11.2 acres, homes on 1/3 22 homes 18 buildings + CH   Homes clustered in 1/3 of site; remainder is meadow, woods, garden  
Pathways Cohousing Northampton MA built Roger Berman 40 acres, houses on 6-7 of the acres 24 units 6 stand alone; 18 in 9 side by side duplexes Zoning in Northampton is one acre per dwelling. Had to get special permission to cluster houses, now are limited to the 24 Much of the acreage (about 1/3)is in 3 separate wetlands
Cambridge Cohousing Cambridge MA Built Rowena 1.3 acres 41 units 17 flats in a 4 story buiding in center; 11 attached units at east end (6 apts in 3 story walk up and 5 townhomes); 13 attached units at west end (6 apts in 3 story walkup and 7 townhouses)      
New View Cohousing Acton MA Built Jim Snyder-Grant jimsg at 17 acres, homes on 6-7 acres 24 units 10 detatched; most others duplexes; one triplex Built as many houses as possible under clustered zoning laws of town to bring per-house costs down, used density bonus permitting involving both subsidizing and hosting affordable housing.Some land left unbuilt due to clustered zoning law  
Shadowlake Village Blacksburg VA   Fred 33 acres site, buildings clustered on 5 acres 33 units 1-fourplex;9-duplexes;11 single family + CH =22 buildings Zoning dictated at least 50% of site remained in open space Went beyond zoning to preserve mature forest and create housing density that supports increased social interaction  
Liberty Village Cohousing Libertytown MD partially built Merlin Porter-Borden 22 acres, homes clustered on 8 acres 38 units 17-duplexes; 4-single family PUD now, originally (1991?) got a text ammendment to county zoning regs specifying cohousing as a use, with clustered housing and 65% green space.County plan commission hung up on density, required an R-3 zoning which would have meant approval of 81 homes, redirected to apply as PUD(which they were trying to avoid). 3 acres of wetland being reforested as per county requirement, 5 acres of wetland will remain green space, remainder of land for gardening, orchards, outbuildings, overflow parking.
RoseWind Cohousing Port Townsend WA built Lynn Nadeau 9.5 acres, half in commoms 24 families Half in single family homes  
River Rock Cohousing Fort Collins CO built my memory 3.6 acres 34 units 7 buildings, each with 3-6 attached units--townhouses, stacked,one-story PUD as part of brownfill development including 10 s-f lots and a retail/commercial area.Just south of 55 acre city park and river corridor.
Vilage Cohousing Madison WI built site visit, conversation with Sue Lloyd .67 acres, 1City block 18 units 1 sf home (existing); 1 2-flat (existing); 1-9 unit lbdg (new); 1-4 unit blkdg (new, incl. CH), I bldg w/ 2 townhouses total 18 Units Revelopment of near west side city block    
Culver Way Cohousing St Louis MO Planned Carol Braford 1.5+ acres 45 units 4 old commercial buildings retrofit + 2 new buildings Site zoned commercial which includes high density residential.In a redevelopment district. web site under construction at