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Denmark Cohousing Tour 1999


Welcome to the Denmark or DK 1999 Tour photo gallery. Our tour took place June 27 to July 3, 1999 ** with a goal of visiting several Danish cohousing communities during the week we were there. Some of us stayed on to visit other countries such as Sweden and Iceland, but except for one spectacular shot of an Icelandic sunset at midnight, all photos are of Denmark communities and scenes.      Note that an alternate page to access these pictures - DK99 pictures index page is formatted to access/search the pictures from our trip by caption.

** Until April 2017 this incorrectly said "in late September" !

Denmark Cohousing Tour Group at Tivoli Gardens

Tour participants, l-r: Fred Olson, Minneapolis, MN; Ann Zabaldo, Washington DC;
Deborah Behrens, Littleton, CO; Ron Petralito, New Market, MD; Susan LaBarre, Raleigh, NC;
Dale Mason, Denver, CO; Tom Pendleton, Washington DC; Maruja Torres, Venezuela (and Citizen of the World!!)
The communities we visited and photographed include:
Because this is a photo-intensive website, please be patient as photo downloads will be slow. Photos average 40-90k each, to preserve size and quality and, once they're downloaded, you can view them more quickly and as often as you like.

We want to especially thank Dale Mason, a cohousing developer from Denver, Colorado for joining us on the tour and for shooting the majority of these wonderful photos with his incredible digital camera. If you enjoy the photography, feel free to drop him a line and tell him so. We're also grateful to our Danish hosts, many of whom received us with little if no advance warning and were incredibly gracious and welcoming... as were most of the Danes we met. And a special thanks to tour organizer Tom Pendleton and TCN Board member Ann Zabaldo who conceptualized the tour and made our wonderful trip possible.

We're hoping a volunteer from the tour will come forward to write a trip narrative, but for now, we're only providing captioned photos. You can browse the photos from page to page by clicking on the "Next" and "Back" buttons, or jump to each community by clicking the links in the list of communities, above. To enter the gallery, click on the "Begin" button, below.

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