Selected cohousing videos

There is a lot of information about cohousing on the Internet including
a wikipedia cohousing article
There are a lot of videos about cohousing on the Internet.
Below is a list of selected videos about cohousing.
There is some overlap with: Videos at (Coho/US)

Many, like the first two are by Chuck Durrett or his wife, Kathryn McCamant.
Both are American architects and authors, who have designed over 50 of the
about 150 cohousing communites in the US. But you might want to start with the
two short ones with kids.

Chuck Durrett - Cohousing An Afforable and Effective Solution to Housing  Sydney March 17 2016 36:12

Charles Durrett Univ. of South Australia Mar 21, 2016 56:37
Innovation and Collaboration Centre

Kathryn McCamant - lessons learned from the Danes 2008? 3:58
Architect and cohousing expert Kathryn McCamant talks about a lesson
learned from the Danes: Bringing houses together brings people

Charles Durrett lecture, Oregon 2009  1:45:02
Cohousing: A Community Approach to Housing Ourselves - UOregonArchitecture
A public lecture presented at the University of Oregon Department of
Architecture on October 28, 2009.

"What is Cohousing?" slideshow from Kraus Fitch Architects
61 slides, no narration but good text / captions etc.

An introduction in two short parts to cohousing and a brief history of
cohousing in Madison, Wisconsin from the first workshops through 2009,
as told by Lou Host-Jablonski, Architect with Design Coalition.

Madison cohousing intro Part 1 2009  9:45
Part 1 describes the book by McCamant & Durrett, Danish cohousing
roots, and the first cohousing in the United States.

Madison cohousing intro Part 2 2009 8:56
Part 2 describes a few early cohousing projects in the U.S., including
Muir Commons which was included in a larger subdivision as the
required the affordable part. Concludes with Madison workshops and
three subsequent cohousing projects.

Cohousing video by kids May 2015  2:30
Why living in cohousing is great -- not what is cohousing...

Cohousing Explained: "What is a Home?"  2012 2:47
Animated explanation of why and what with narration by a cute kid.

Ted talk: Cohousing -- Community at its Best | Erica Elliott 2015 9:56

Cohousing information in Spanish  (with 3 minute video)
Chuck's presentation with dubbed translation and signed (Spanish?) for the deaf Sept 15  55:10
Manual del Senior Cohousing
Grupo de Apoyo Mutuo Dani Wagman  Jan 2016

A Pattern Language / Christopher Alexander demo video
Not specifically about cohousing but related to design:

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