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2BR.2BA loft unit for sale at Eastern Village Cohousing
         dney Elin-35373
         M:  Jerry McIntire-35377

Affordability Specifics   FROM:  Gloria Hoffman-35287
         ROM:  Angela Alston-35288 Sharon Villines-35295

Affordable Cohousing   FROM:  Gloria Hoffman-35280
         ROM:  Sharon Villines-35283 R.N. Johnson-35304
         oz-35305 Sharon Villines-35306 R Philip Dowds-35308
         Sharon Villines-35309 Don Benson-35310 Wayne
         Tyson-35312 rpdowds-35313 rpdowds-35314 Jenny
         Guy-35330 oz-35331

Affordable Homes at Nomad Cohousing   FROM:  Zev Paiss-35351
         M:  David L. Mandel-35352

Affordable units at Nevada City cohousing
         rry (Sarito) Whatley-35359

Anyone Heard About Bank Restrictions on Non-MLS Sales?
         ve and Diane-35265
         ROM:  Sharon Villines-35268 Sharon Villines-35269
         Holly McNutt-35271 Sharon Villines-35273 Holly

Appeal from Cohousing Association of the US
         chard L. Kohlhaas-35277
         ROM:  Judy Baxter-35278 oz-35281

Architecture   Re:  Affordable Cohousing   FROM:  Wayne Tyson-35315
         ROM:  rpdowds-35316 Wayne Tyson-35320 nancybtoo-35325

Architecture Real professionalism Re: Affordable Cohousing
         yne Tyson-35311
         M:  Jerry McIntire-35319

Re: Architecture Real professionalism Re: AffordableCohousing
         M: 5321

Cohousing in Sacramento, CA   FROM:  MariVal-35248
         M:  Diane-35253

Re: Common laundry question
         ROM: eebacher-35245 Ellen Keyne Seebacher-35246

Re: common laundry question
         M: 255

Re: Consensus and voting bylaws (Willow Murphy)
         ROM: 35381 Willow Murphy-35384

Consensus and voting bylaws   FROM:  Willow Murphy-35374
         ROM:  R Philip Dowds-35375 Michael Barrett-35376
         Sharon Villines-35379 Sharon Villines-35380 Willow

Correction - Sociocracy worshop announcement
         ana Leafe Christian-35366

Creating more affordable cohousing - a personal story...
         ROM:  Mariana Almeida-35282 Ann Zabaldo-35284 Sharon
         Villines-35285 Fred H Olson-35289 Fred H Olson-35290
         Ann Zabaldo-35291 Elizabeth Magill-35292 Sharon
         Villines-35293 Ann Zabaldo-35294 Elizabeth
         Magill-35297 Doug Huston-35298

Culture and Cost Housing Re: Affordable Homes at Nomad Cohousing
         yne Tyson-35356

Governance Structures [ was More on Sociocracy
         aron Villines-35372

Heartwood Cohousing House to Share   FROM:  Fred H Olson-35369

House for Sale... Pacifica CoHousing - Carrboro, North Carolina
         rc Kolman-35317

Is Cohousing Cheap(er)?   FROM:  rpdowds-35299
         ROM:  Susan Hyne-35300 Sharon Villines-35301 oz-35303
         R Philip Dowds-35307 Liz Ryan Cole-35323
         rpdowds-35326 Holly McNutt-35327 oz-35335 Sharon
         Villines-35336 Sharon Villines-35347 oz-35348 Sharon

Re: Is Cohousing cheaper?
         ROM: e-35318 rpdowds-35322

laundry machines and remote sensing   FROM:  Susan Coberly-35275

Less on Sociocracy   FROM:  Jerry McIntire-35378

Looking for Cohousing in Southeastern Mass
         aine ostroff . org-35262
         ROM:  David Heimann-35270 Catya Belfer-35296

Looking for folks to have a community technology conversation with
         il Planchon-35247
         ROM:  Catya Belfer-35249 Sean Davey-35250 Sharon
         Villines-35252 Bryan Syverson-35254 Tim Hunter-35256
         Hummel, Tracey S - (thummel)-35257 Timothy
         Hunter-35259 Sharon Villines-35260 Sharon

Re: Looking for folks to have a community technology/ People who won't use email
         ROM: 35263 Marieke Hensel-35264

Re: Looking for folks to have a community technology conversation with
         ROM: r-35266 Sharon Villines-35267 Timothy
         Hunter-35272 oz-35276

Making Cohousing Affordible   FROM:  Zev Paiss-35286

Making Cohousing Permanently Affordable   FROM:  Zev Paiss-35344
         ROM:  Sharon Villines-35345 David L. Mandel-35353

More on Sociocracy   FROM:  Diana Leafe Christian-35371

Panama for Affordable Cohousing   FROM:  John Leet-35324
         ROM:  Jerry McIntire-35342 Karen Sheldon-35343 John

Photos w/ PEOPLE in them needed   FROM:  Ann Zabaldo-35328
         ROM:  Ann Zabaldo-35329 Holly McNutt-35332 Ann
         Zabaldo-35333 Ann Zabaldo-35334 111rmp-35337 Holly
         McNutt-35338 Fred H Olson-35339 Ann Zabaldo-35340 Ann

Re: Photos w/ PEOPLE in them needed (Ann Zabaldo)

Reinventing Community   FROM:  oz-35302

Reminder: Call for Articles: Communities #159: Community Wisdom for Everyday Life
         mmunities Editor-35258

Roommate wanted at Mosaic Commons Cohousin   FROM:  Rich Kramer-35383

Sociocracy/Dynamic Governance workshop w/John Buck, Sheella Mierson on 2/26-27, Wash DC
         ana Leafe Christian-35355

Re: Sociocracy/Dynamic Governance workshop
         ROM: e-35367 Sharon Villines-35370

Summarizing - Affordability and Living Cheaper in Coho
         riana Almeida-35350
         ROM:  Jerry McIntire-35357 rpdowds-35358 Sharon
         Villines-35360 rpdowds-35361 Dave and Diane-35368

What does it mean to switch to Socioracy? [was Sociocracy/Dynamic Governance workshop w/John Buck, Sheella Mierson on 2/26-27, Wash DC
         aron Villines-35363
         M:  rpdowds-35365

What Is Trust?   FROM:  Sharon Villines-35385