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Through the looking glass Patty Mara Gourley's reflections on moving into cohousing 1998
#1   #2   #3   #4   #5   #6   #7   #8   + 5 years  + 12 years
"Disillusioned with cohousing" June 2006 - Search archives for
 "*llusioned" without quotes in Cohousing-L archives

Car sharing:
Lancaster car/transportation sharing
Lancaster car/transportation sharing- summary

See also Very rough scratch pad file about noteworthy posts

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Partnerships for Affordable Cohousing (PFAC)

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Stories about life in cohousing from 2002 and before Cohousing-L postings (at

1999 trip Denmark trip by 8 cohousing-L folks ("DK99")
David Entin's description of 2014 trip to cohousing in Denmark and Sweden

The following are in more or less reverse chronological order:

2022 CoHousing Houston site plan with EVSE EVSE is electric vehicle supply equipment
2022 Nevada City Cohousing EVSE planning
2022 Load balancing for EV Charging
2017 Developing Cohousing is difficult - a study of development efforts
     Of the 461 communities listed in cohousing directory from 1994-2017, 317 failed to get built (69%) and 144 succeeded (31%).
2017 Cohousing Budgeting/condo fees Philip Dowds 2017 / Nashville conference
2016+ Diversity in cohousing
2016 Gainesville introductory Powerpoint slide show 17 MByte, .pptx (About 2/3 general cohousing intro)
2016 Common Meals Survey 2016 (PDF)
2016 Common Meals Survey 2016 (spreadsheet)
2015 2015 Cohousing Conference NC   Map of attendees
2015 Radio show about cohousing and Monterey (MN) Cohousing
2014 Lessons from a Austin Cohousing that disbanded
     Ffollowing 4 documents (pdfs 50-170 K bytes each) by Diana Leafe Christian Sept 2014:  .
2014 Three Aspects of a Healthy, Thriving Community
2014 The 19 Steps: How People Typically Start a Community
2014 How the "N Street Consensus Method" helps N Street Cohousing Thrive
2014 Overview: Sociocracy
2013 Ma'ikwe Schaub Ludwig's talk on ecological sustainability as practiced at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage
2013 Constructive Communication Handout
2013 Oak Creek Commons Decision Making Process
2013 Jamaica Plain Cohousing, Boston Massachusetts Decision Making
2011 Consensus Process from Manzanita Village
2011 Cohousing amendment to Land Use Code Frederick, MD ordinances 10/31/11
2009 Margane Meyer's Small House posts and links
2006 Pet Policy, Trillium Hollow 2/25/06 (in list message)
2006 10/2/06 WSJ Senior Cohousing Article
2006 11/17/06 Elder Grace Mission and 'Would you fit' Questionaire
2005 Architectural Design Review Manual from Laura Fitch
2005 Comparative chart of common house square footages in cohousing communities
2005 Publications on Cohousing 
2005 Chart detailing Land trust housing finances 
2003 Pet Policy, Stone Curves
2001 Cohousing communities in Denmark 
2001 Chart of Cohousing communities in the Netherlands 
2001 Our Common House: Using the built environment to develop supportive communities
     Abstract of Maruja Torres's 2001 PhD thesis _
2001 Table of cohousing community lot size / # units 

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